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until 1979 homosexuality was classed as an illness in sweden so you could call in sick bc you had the hots for paper boy in the morning

Ellie, I’m disappointed in you, you left out the best part. The reason they took it out in 1979 was because, to protest it, a shitton of people actually did. They’d get calls upon calls upon calls with “I can’t come in today, I’m feeling pretty gay”

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i wanna feel how dogs feel when you let them go in a big field 

Aug 30 +525748

gif battle | vs. remusjohnslupin
round four • scenery

i want a word for the almost-home.

that point where the highway’s monotony becomes familiar
that subway stop whose name will always wake you from day’s-end dozing
that first glimpse of the skyline
that you never loved until you left it behind.

what do you call the exit sign you see even in your dreams?
is there a name for the airport terminal you come back to,
comfortably exhausted?

i need a word for rounding your corner onto your street,
for seeing your city on the horizon,
for flying homewards down your highway.

give me a word for the boundary
between the world you went to see
and the small one you call your own.

i want a word for the moment you know
you’re almost home.

there and back again, n.m.h. (via anoraborealis)

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27/50 darren criss’ photos  *


your honor, my client is innocent. like, come on. for real. come on, your honor. seriously dude

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most private thing im willing to admit: im not good at estimating how much pasta is enough for one person